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    • Among all the rubbers, silicone rubber has the widest working temperature range (-100-350 C). For example, vinyl silicone rubber or low-phenyl silicone rubber can remain elastic after agin...... View all

    • In fact, the disinfection of silicone pacifiers is generally high temperature disinfection. In many families, parents usually use boiling water to clean the pacifier. Just put the silicone pacifier in...... View all

    • 1. High temperature resistant mold silicone has good stability, shrinkage rate is less than 0.1%, heat resistance can reach above 250 ° C, and it will not be reduced by heating in a sealed environmen...... View all

    • High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is a high molecular weight (generally molecular weight of 400,000 to 800,000) polyorganosiloxane (ie, raw rubber). It is reinforced with fillers and various...... View all

    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly are the characteristics of silicone tableware and silicone bowls. Its safety and stability far exceed that of plastics, PP, PU, and other food plastic materials....... View all

    • Many consumers are very puzzled whether silicone kettles and silicone tableware are exposed to harmful substances when they are cooked under high temperature. This problem is also the main problem for...... View all

    • The main advantage of silicon nitrogen rubber is that it has excellent thermal stability, does not decompose at 430 ~ 480 ℃, and some can even withstand high temperatures above 500 ℃. The outsta...... View all

    • Diethyl silicone rubber made by introducing an ethyl group into a polysiloxane side chain has outstanding cold resistance properties, which are superior to dimethyl silicone rubber and general methyl ...... View all

    • The main feature of phenyl silicone rubber is its excellent radiation resistance. Its radiation resistance is 10 to 15 times that of general methyl vinyl silicone rubber and 5 to 10 times that of high...... View all

    • Because the polymer molecular side chain contains β-nitrileethyl or γ-nitrilepropyl strong polar groups, the inter-molecular force is greatly increased, and the oil and solvent resistance are improv...... View all

    • Fluorosilicone rubber means γ-trifluoropropylmethylpolysiloxane. Fluorosilicone rubber has excellent chemical resistance, solvent resistance and lubricating oil resistance. This silicone rubber has a...... View all

    • Methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber is a product obtained by introducing a methyl phenyl siloxane chain or a diphenyl siloxane chain into the molecular chain of the methyl vinyl silicon rubber. The...... View all

    • Dimethyl silicone rubber is one of the earliest commercially available silicone rubbers. It can maintain good elasticity in the range of -60 to 200 ° C, good aging resistance, excellent electrical in...... View all

    • Since the introduction of a small amount of vinyl into the macromolecular structure of silicone rubber can greatly improve the curing performance of silicone rubber, most of the currently used silicon...... View all

    • 1. Raw materials Mold silicone rubber generally consists of a base rubber, a cross-linking agent, a catalyst, and a filler. (1) The base rubber is 107 silicone rubber, which is called hydroxyl-termi...... View all

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