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    • Common problems of rubber compound (1) The compounding agent agglomerates due to insufficient plasticization of raw rubber; The roll distance is too large; The roll temperature is too high, t...... View all

    • When there is a demand for silica gel foam strips, customers should be strict in their choice. The emergence of more and more manufacturers in the market leads to the decline of product level. If y...... View all

    • What are the main differences between medical food silicone rubber and ordinary silicone rubber At present, silicone rubber is widely used in various fields, such as life, production and so o...... View all

    • key points of making medical silicone rubber products Among the instruments and materials used in many hospitals, silicone rubber is a very common product. However, because hospitals have hig...... View all

    • What are the properties of medical silicone hose? At present, in the medical silica gel industry, silica gel hose is commonly used for liquid transmission, peristaltic pump and irrigation ope...... View all

    • At present, as far as ceramicized silicone rubber is concerned, the related applications of ceramicized silicone rubber have not been fully developed, and the relevant industrial chain has not reached...... View all

    • As a new type of fire-retardant and flame-retardant material, ceramized silicone rubber has many excellent characteristics that are different from traditional flame-retardant materials. 1. Comparis...... View all

    • At present, there are many uses of RTV silicone rubber, which can well realize the bonding and waterproof sealing of electronic products. RTV silicone glue now has two types: condensation type and add...... View all

    • 1. Molding Compression molding is the most common production process. It is mainly completed by the cooperation of the mold, and the shape of the mold determines the shape of the silicone product. ...... View all

    • Fire-resistant cables for construction applications Cable has always been an important application part of flame retardant materials. At present, the main application of ceramicized silicone rubber...... View all

    • Ceramic silicon rubber material is a new type of polymer refractory material, which is widely used in medium and low voltage refractory wires and cables. With the rapid growth of urban population, hig...... View all

    • There is still a certain gap between domestic LED packaging materials and foreign countries in research and application. Although products with high refractive index packaging materials have entere...... View all

    • platinum silicone


      The first time I heard the term platinum silicone, I also wondered if there is really metal in it (of course it can't be platinum). But after a preliminary understanding, I have to come out to refute ...... View all

    • Foam extinguishing


      1) Physics method physics angle consideration extinguishing foam method Main comprehensive neglected plate or net, machine stirring, static electricity, cold storage, heating, steaming, ray irradiatio...... View all

    • Woven fabric softening Silicone milky lotion Mainly used silicon oil-based silicone compound organizing mixer. Organosilicon compound of the first generation. Second-generation silicon syrup organi...... View all

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