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    • Thermal conductive additive Special functional additives ...... View all

    • The basic polymers used for addition molding liquid silicone rubber mainly include the following two linear polysiloxane containing vinyl. Their molecular weight distribution is wide, generally from t...... View all

    • Liquid silica gel is relative to solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is liquid glue, has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, more safe and environmental protection, and can fully m...... View all

    • Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a kind of non-toxic, heat-resistant and highly resilient flexible thermosetting material. Its rheological behavior is mainly manifested as low viscosity, rapid curing, ...... View all

    • 1.shrinkage Although LSRS do not shrink in the mold, they often shrink 2.5 to 3 percent after demould and cooling. How much shrinkage depends in part on the formulation of the compound. However, fr...... View all

    • 1. Mold safety. When choosing a mold, we must see whether the mold has been tested for poison. Is it high quality food grade silicone material? Is it certified by international European standard? M...... View all

    • First of all, the silica gel mold for food is generally in line with the standard of food grade, and can be directly contained in the mouth. It is generally not toxic, and it is safe to use. Silica...... View all

    • There is also a big difference between food grade silica gel and ordinary silica gel. Food grade silica gel is vulcanized by platinum, high elasticity, high transparency and high tear strength. Regula...... View all

    • 1. what is the difference between liquid and solid silica gel? Liquid silica gel Liquid silica gel is relative to solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is liquid glue, has goo...... View all

    • Silicone oil is very important for the skin feel adjustment of skin care products, because it is very silky and cannot be replaced by many other oils. Because of this characteristic, silicone oil is u...... View all

    • Silicone oil can be used as fabric softener, lubricant, waterproofing agent, finishing agent and so on in the textile and garment industry. In order to meet the high-end needs of textiles, chemical pr...... View all

    • What is silicone?


      Organic silicon products refer to a class of compounds that contain silicon-oxygen bonds -Si(CH3)O- as the framework. It is an important part of the new chemical material industry and an important bas...... View all

    • When silicone product manufacturers produce transparent silicone products, they will find that the originally transparent and colorless silicone products seem to have color. Organic silicone has the p...... View all

    • Basic use of silica


      Silica is a raw material for manufacturing glass, quartz glass, water glass, optical fiber, important parts of the electronics industry, optical instruments, handicrafts and refractory materials, and ...... View all

    • On August 24, individual monomer manufacturers that had previously closed their quotations resumed their quotations in the afternoon. In addition to the high prices auctioned by small-volume monomer m...... View all

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