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Organic silicon buffer energy absorption material IOTA 9086

Product description: 

Silicon buffer energy absorbing material MY 9086 is a transparent solid with weak fluidity, which remains relaxed under normal conditions, soft and elastic. Once it is subjected to intense collision or impact, the molecules immediately locked each other, quickly tighten and harden to digest external forces, forming a protective layer. When the external force disappears, the material will revert to its original relaxed elastic state. It can react differently to different impact situations in a split second. 

Silicone buffer energy absorption material has good personal protection, shock absorption, energy absorption, buffer, reducing disturbance and other functions, it is safe and non-toxic, low stress, appears soft and elastic, especially in the aspect of protection shows outstanding advantages.  

Technical data:  

1. Density: 0.94±0.03g/cm3.    

2. Viscosity (25℃) : response shear rate ≤0.1 (1/s); And when M (1/s) ≤ shear rate ≤ N (1/s), viscosity ≥pPa·s (rheological test), (M/N/P has different values according to different formulations, and P ≥10000)

3. Fluidity: at 40℃, put 200g of the material into a fixed container (a plastic container of φ 10), 5h inner surface leveling.

4. Resilience: according to the regulations of GB/T6670-97, the rebound tester is used for testing, with the average rebound height≥85%.


Modified materials: PU, silicone rubber, TPU, TPE, EVA;

1. Personal protection : Ski suit, motorcycle suit, bicycle riding suit, taekwondo suit, kendo suit, stunt protective clothing, helmet, hip guard, knee guard, elbow guard, gloves, insoles, soles, etc., police and military protective equipment; 

2. Shock absorption of electronic devices : smart large-screen mobile phones, laptops/tablets, precision shock absorption;

3. Automobile / power vehicle protection: protective patch, bumper, energy absorption box, power battery protection, etc.;

4. Building, bridge speed lock, damper;

5. Body armor : It can be compounded with other special fibers to make bulletproof clothing and anti puncture equipment

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