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Fluorosilicone rubber product application

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Aviation industry: aircraft fuel oil, lubricating oil seals, contact parts, such as various O-rings, gaskets, sealing rings, sensor materials, diaphragms, fluoro-silicon gaskets, can also be used for the overall sealing of aircraft fuel tanks.

Automotive industry: all kinds of vehicle turbocharged tube, seal ring, oil seal, diaphragm, conduit, valve lining, etc.

Medical and health: Used for medical instruments and artificial organs, such as medicinal catheters, drainage tubes, artificial valves, etc.

Military industry: Used in harsh environments that require low temperature resistance, oil resistance and acid resistance, such as the hydraulic system infusion bellows of military aircraft, doors and Windows of special vehicles, rear cover seals, sensor sensing materials.

Petrochemical: All kinds of high temperature, low temperature, chemical erosion resistance pump, valve, oil tank and other equipment seals.

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