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Cosmetic silicone

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Some commonly used moisturizers, such as glycerin, when added in large amounts in skincare and makeup products, can produce a greasy sensation, making it difficult for the product to distribute and spread to the skin; When panthenol or niacinamide are added in large amounts in skincare and makeup products, they will produce a sticky sensation. In order to improve the spreadability and pleasure of skincare and makeup products, it is generally necessary to add low relative molecular weight siloxane fluid to give the cosmetic composition a dry, smooth, uniform touch, and increase visual luster. However, low relative molecular weight siloxane fluids endow the desired properties of the composition, while their volatile and low viscosity properties make them difficult to retain in the formulation, easy to separate, and may even flow uncontrollably through the skin during use, limiting their application in cosmetic compositions.

If ordinary thickeners are used to increase the viscosity of the solution and slow down the evaporation loss of volatile low relative molecular weight silicone oil, it may reduce the spreadability of silicone oil and leave a serious sense of smoothness on the skin. Organosilicon gel for cosmetics can be regarded as an effective thickener of low molecular weight siloxane fluid, providing unique dry, silky and other skin sensations. Therefore, it has become a daily chemical raw material with great development potential, and has good market application prospects.

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