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Effect and efficacy of polydimethylsiloxane

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Good lubrication performance, after coating the skin can form a uniform waterproof protective film, but without any sticky and greasy feeling, good luster. Good resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It will not oxidize under ultraviolet light and cause skin irritation.

Good antistatic performance, wipe the skin containing polysiloxane skin cream static electricity is eliminated, and has an obvious dust effect of good permeability, even if the formation of siloxane film on the skin does not affect sweat discharge. It has a slow release and fixed aroma effect on flavors and spices, so the fragrance preservation period is long, high stability, chemical inertia, and no adverse effect on other components of cosmetics, especially the active ingredients.

Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, will not cause irritation and allergy to the skin, high safety, has a certain effect on some skin diseases, such as dysphidrosis eczema neurodermatitis and occupational dermatitis.

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