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Several problems of compounding rubber processing

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The main reasons for "self-sulfur" during the placement of the compounding compound are.
(1) too many vulcanizing agents and accelerators are used.
(2) Large capacity of rubber loading, high temperature of rubber making machine, insufficient cooling of film.
(3) or add sulfur too early, uneven dispersion of the chemical material causes local concentration of accelerator and sulfur.
(4) improper parking, i.e. the temperature of the parking place is too high, the air is not circulating, etc.

How to reduce the rubber compounding rubber doorny?
Rubber compounding rubber doorny is M (1 + 4), that is, the size of the torque at 100 degrees preheating for 1 minute, the rotor turns for 4 minutes, that is, the size of the force that prevents the rotor from turning. Any force that can reduce the rotor rotation can reduce the doorny, the raw materials of the formula include the original rubber: natural rubber and synthetic rubber, choose natural rubber with low doorny or add chemical plasticizer to the natural rubber formula (physical plasticizer effect is not good) is a good choice, synthetic rubber generally do not add plasticizer, usually can add some lower molecular weight lipid so-called dispersant or internal release agent, such as the hardness requirements are not strict, of course Can also increase the amount of stearic acid or oil; if in the process, you can improve the top bolt pressure or appropriate to increase the discharge temperature, if the conditions allow to reduce the cooling water temperature can also reduce the rubber mixing rubber Menny.

Factors affecting the mixing effect of the compacting machine.
The close kneading machine mixing compared with the open kneading machine, has the advantages of short mixing time, high efficiency, high degree of mechanization and automation, good quality of rubber, low labor intensity, safe operation, small loss of drugs flying, good environmental health conditions, etc., but the close kneading machine mixing room heat dissipation difficulties, high mixing temperature and difficult to control, so that the temperature-sensitive rubber is limited, not suitable for light-colored rubber and frequent changes in the variety of rubber mixing. In addition, the mixing machine also needs to be equipped with the corresponding lower sheet device.
(1) Amount of loaded rubber
(2) Top bolt pressure
(3) Rotor speed and rotor structure shape
(4) Mixing temperature
(5) Dosing sequence
(6) Mixing time

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