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What is self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber

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1. Product introduction:

Traditional liquid silicone rubber has poor wettability to various substrates and lacks reactive groups, so the molecular force between the traditional liquid silicone rubber and the substrate is relatively weak, and the adhesion performance is poor, especially in the case of relatively humid external environment. When exposed to moisture (such as moisture or water vapor), it is more likely to fall off between the silica gel and the base material, so manufacturers often apply a primer between the base material and the silica gel. This greatly limits the application range of traditional liquid silicone rubber. The use of primer technology will not only increase the difficulty of production, but also seriously affect the efficiency of production; moreover, the primer will contain some flammable components, which will increase the danger during use, transportation and storage; at the same time, the primer will The organic solvent in it is easy to volatilize, which will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, the development and application of self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber has received extensive attention from various industries.

Self-adhesive liquid silicone is a glue that can bond glass, PC, nylon fiberglass, and metal materials without primer. The advantage of this feature is that it can save time and labor costs from a large space. And its adaptability is strong, and it can achieve many fine bonding that traditional liquid silicone rubber cannot.

2. Product features:

Simple production process

High product accuracy

High yield and deep vulcanization

Simple operation and easy control

Can be used to produce some complex composite parts

Excellent adhesion

3. Application Market:

The electronic industry is highly specialized in control components and electronic packaging; it also has broad application prospects in the military and commerce, and it is widely used in various fields such as electronics, telecommunications, military industry, aerospace, and ships.

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