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How to remove surface dust from silicone products

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Generally, after the silicone products are molded by silicone rubber manufacturers, before they can be packaged and placed for a period of time, the surface of the products will absorb a layer of dust or fibers, which will affect the appearance of the products. Therefore, silicone rubber manufacturers have taken corresponding measures to deal with the problem that the silicone products they make are easy to absorb dust, such as the use of anti-static rubber materials, negative ion separation, etc., but this is very troublesome for consumers, so only Corresponding protective measures can be taken only after understanding its adsorption capacity.

First of all, after our silicone manufacturers have produced silicone products, they will cover the surface of the products that have not been removed in time. If the products need to be stored for a longer time, they need to be packaged in film bags to prevent the surface of the silicone products from sticking. Dust, effectively guarantee the product appearance quality. For products that easily absorb dust on the surface of the product, our silicone product manufacturers generally recommend that customers spray touch oil. Hand oil is a kind of oily substance that can absorb the surface of silica gel, which can increase the smoothness of the surface of the product and isolate the contact between the outside world and the surface of the product. , can really achieve the effect of preventing and controlling the adsorption and dust prevention of silica gel products. Because silicone resin products are mainly based on physical adsorption, even if they are placed there, they will be adsorbed to the surface of the product with electrostatic reaction. Silicone resin is an anodic raw material and can be used as various chemical auxiliary materials. There will be a relatively strong adsorption reaction. In order to enhance the adsorption capacity of silica gel, the active structural unit of the adsorbent should be increased.

If the silica gel is calcined until it is completely dehydrated, the silanol groups of the silica gel are completely destroyed and the adsorption capacity is reduced or even lost. If a large amount of water is added to the silica gel, its adsorption capacity will also decrease, because the silanol groups form too many hydrogen bonds with water, thereby reducing the active ratio.

What if a product such as a silicone protective case accidentally gets a lot of dust? We can try to deal with it in the following ways.

1. Slight dust can be wiped with a dust-free cloth, and the dust on the surface of the product can be removed;
2. Serious dirt and dust can be wiped with white electric oil, or directly soaked in white electric oil liquid and then wiped with a clean dust-free cloth.

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