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How to remove bubbles

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1) Physical methods The methods of eliminating foam from a physical point of view mainly include placing baffles or filters, mechanical stirring, static electricity, freezing, heating, steam, radiation, high-speed centrifugation, pressure and decompression, high-frequency vibration, and instantaneous discharge. and ultrasonic (acoustic liquid control), etc., these methods all promote the gas transmission rate at both ends of the liquid film and the liquid discharge of the bubble film to different degrees, so that the stability factor of the foam is less than the attenuation factor, so the number of foam gradually decreases . However, the common disadvantages of these methods are that the use is strongly restricted by environmental factors, the defoaming rate is not high, and the advantages are environmental protection and high recycling rate.

2) Chemical methods The methods of eliminating foam from a chemical point of view mainly include chemical reaction methods and methods of adding defoaming agents. Foam bursting process The chemical reaction method of the foam bursting process refers to the chemical reaction of the foaming agent by adding some reagents to generate water-insoluble substances, thereby reducing the concentration of the surfactant in the liquid film and promoting the bursting of the foam, but This method has disadvantages such as the uncertainty of the composition of the foaming agent, the generation of insoluble substances, and the harm to the system equipment. Nowadays, the most widely used defoaming method in all walks of life is the method of adding defoamer. The biggest advantage of this method is that it has high foam breaking efficiency and convenient use. However, finding a suitable and efficient defoamer is the key.

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