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Strong dimethicone defoamer

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Dimethicone is colorless or light yellow liquid, odorless, high transparency, physiologically inert, good chemical stability, electrical insulation and weather resistance, good hydrophobicity, and high shear resistance. Therefore, it is often used as a dimethicone defoamer, which not only has a fast defoaming speed, long-lasting foam suppression, but also a small amount of addition and a lower cost.

Dangers of foam:

1. The production capacity is limited, such as various fermentation tanks, reactors, cooking tanks and other equipment in various biological fermentations. In order to prevent the appearance of foam and prevent overflow losses, the feeding coefficient should be greatly reduced, sometimes less than 30%.
2. Causes waste of raw materials and products, such as the filling process of paper mills, sugar mills, and the oiling process of weaving processes of textile mills, which often cause overflow due to foam.
3. The reaction period is prolonged, if the wine is fermented due to the presence of foam, the reaction will be over-reacted and the taste will be stale.
4. Affect the quality of products, such as in the dyeing, printing and water-based coating processes in the textile industry, due to the retention of air bubbles, resulting in spots and defects on the finished cloth.
5. One of the reasons for polluting the environment and causing accidents, such as: an oil refinery in the United States caused a major fire due to the overflow of residual oil foam, causing heavy losses, which not only caused waste, but also caused serious losses to people's lives and property.

Overview of dimethyl silicone oil defoaming:

Dimethicone oil defoamer is colorless or light yellow liquid, tasteless, high transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance, small viscosity change with temperature, water resistance, small surface tension, thermal conductivity, light transmittance is transparent The light rate is 100%, colorless and odorless, with physiological inertness and good chemical stability. Electrical insulation and weather resistance, good hydrophobicity, and high shear resistance.

Dimethicone defoaming properties:

1. High content and less addition, which can reduce production cost
2. Rapid defoaming, long-lasting foam suppression, and no secondary foam
3. Does not affect product performance and appearance, no delamination, no oil drift, no emulsification, no residue
4. Antimicrobial decomposition and the action of enzymes
5. Stable chemical properties, convenient storage and transportation

Dimethicone defoaming application:

Dimethicone oil defoamer is suitable for defoaming in ink, coating, PU slurry, lubricating oil, petroleum processing, cleaning and processing, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment, papermaking, petroleum industry, textile industry, synthetic rubber and resin industry and other industries.

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