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Wide application of hydrogen-containing silicone oil

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1 solid silicone rubber

Used as bridging agent, anti-yellowing agent and coupling agent in high temperature mixing silicone rubber (HTV).

2 Liquid silicone rubber

As a cross-linking agent for addition type liquid silicone rubber, Si-C bonds are formed under the catalysis of pt.

3 waterproof membrane

Waterproofing agent: It is used as a waterproofing agent (water repellent, water repellent) in waterproof clothing and waterproof gypsum board. Under the action of metal salt catalyst, it can be cross-linked to form a film at low temperature, and a waterproof film can be formed on the surface.

4 Electrical insulation

The surface treatment of MgO (electrical grade MgO) plays an insulating role.

5 Textile auxiliaries

In the textile and clothing industries, it is used as softener, water repellent, hand improver, sewing thread lubrication, chemical fiber spinneret lubrication and garment lining aids, etc.

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