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Widespread application and advantages of silicone oil

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Silicone oil is a chemical substance composed of a variety of silicon oxides, which is widely used in many fields due to its good physical and chemical properties.

In skin care products and cosmetics, silicone oil is widely used as the basic ingredient, which can make the product easier to push away, smoother, and provide moisturizing effect for the skin. The advantage of silicone oil is that it is not volatile. It can form a protective film on the skin surface, effectively prevent water loss, and keep the skin moist and soft.

In addition to skin care products and cosmetics, silicone oil is also widely used in lubricants, plastics, rubber, paint, adhesives and other fields. Among lubricants, silicone oil can reduce friction coefficient, reduce machine wear and energy consumption. In plastics and rubber, silicone oil can increase its flexibility and elasticity. In paints and adhesives, silicone oil can increase its fluidity and viscosity, making it easier to use and process.

In general, silicone oil is widely used in many fields, and plays an important role in products due to its excellent physical and chemical properties. Of course, we also need to pay attention to some side effects and potential risks of silicone oil. When using silicone oil products, we need to follow relevant safety and use recommendations to avoid impact on human body and environment.

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