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Characteristics and application of methyl vinyl gum

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Methylvinyl rubber is a common chemical, also known as butyl rubber, prepared from methyl vinyl monomers. It has many characteristics, such as high adhesive strength, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and excellent electrical insulation performance. Therefore, methyl vinyl based raw adhesives are widely used in various industrial fields.

Methylvinyl based raw adhesives are mainly used to bond materials such as metals, plastics, rubber, paper, and wood. In fields such as automobiles, electronics, medical devices, and aerospace, it is commonly used to manufacture parts and assemble products. In addition, methyl vinyl based raw rubber can also be used to produce sealing materials, coatings, adhesive tapes, rubber products, and waterproof materials.

It is worth mentioning that methyl vinyl rubber can also be used as an optical material. In the field of optics, it is commonly used to manufacture optical lenses and optical components. The optical properties such as transparency and refractive index of methyl vinyl rubber can be adjusted as needed, so it has a broad application prospect in the optical industry.

In short, methyl vinyl based raw adhesives have been favored by various industries for their excellent performance and wide range of applications. With the continuous development of science and technology, its application prospects will become increasingly broad.

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