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The introduction and comparison of silicone three anti - paint

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Three anti-corrosion paint is also called PCB electronic circuit board protective oil, coating oil, moisture-proof paint, three anti-corrosion paint, waterproof glue, insulating paint, anti-corrosion paint, anti-salt spray paint, dust-proof paint, protective paint, coating paint, three anti-corrosion glue, etc., its classification is as follows:

Three anti paint from the chemical composition can be divided into:
1, containing solvent acrylic resin three anti-paint (currently the most widely used market, popular products)
Features: With surface dry, curing time fast, good three prevention, cheap price, transparent color, flexible texture, with easy to repair characteristics.
2, silicone three anti paint
Soft elastic coating material, good pressure release, high temperature resistance of 200 degrees, easy to repair.
In addition: from the comprehensive consideration of price and performance, there are the above types of three anti paint cross phenomenon, such as silicone modified three anti paint.
3, fluorescent three anti paint
Features: Coated with fluorescent three anti paint, purple light coated surface shows blue, clear, easy to detect whether the three anti paint coating in place.

Acrylic three anti paint and silicone three anti paint comparison
Compared with ordinary acrylic three-proof paint, modified silicone three-proof paint has the following characteristics:
1. The "three prevention" performance is good: with superior insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shock-proof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance and other properties.
2. Good electrical insulation performance: because organosiloxane has good dielectric properties, arc resistance, spark resistance, high electrical breakdown strength, and has good waterproof performance, therefore, in the humid environment, the paint film still does not lose its good electrical resistance.
3. Good temperature resistance: with silicone insulating paint heat resistance and better than the general coating low temperature resistance. High temperature resistance up to 130-150℃, low temperature resistance up to -40℃, paint temperature change performance is good.
4. Good chemical resistance: good chemical resistance, due to strong oxidation resistance, so it has good thermal stability, aging resistance, resistance to a variety of different concentrations of acid, alkali, salt corrosion.
5. Good process performance: can be cured at room temperature or low temperature, the paint film is dense and bright, strong adhesion, and decorative. Coating process is simple, spraying, dip coating, brush coating can be. The viscosity of the paint can be adjusted according to the selected coating process without affecting the performance of the paint.

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