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Silicone Rubber for Moulds - Materials for Manufacturing High Precision Moulds

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Mold silicone rubber is a high-strength, high-precision mold material that is widely used in mold manufacturing in various industrial fields. Its main characteristics are excellent tensile strength, hardness, and wear resistance.

Molds Silicone rubber can be used to manufacture various shapes of molds, including planar molds, cylindrical molds, punch molds, and concave molds. During the manufacturing process, mold silicone rubber can be easily cast and hardened, resulting in very high precision and surface smoothness of the finished mold.

Due to the special properties of mold silicone rubber materials, it can be used to manufacture very complex parts and components, such as micro parts, high-precision instrument parts, and so on. Moreover, its heat resistance and corrosion resistance are also excellent, and it can adapt to various harsh working environments.

In the manufacturing and application of mold silicone rubber, with the continuous development of science and technology, more and more innovative materials and manufacturing technologies have been introduced into mold manufacturing, making the application field of mold silicone rubber more extensive. It has become one of the indispensable materials in modern industry.

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