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High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber molding: process and application

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High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber molding is an advanced manufacturing technology widely used in multiple industries. It processes silicone rubber materials into the desired shape under high temperature and pressure conditions. The following will introduce its process flow and application fields.

1、 Process flow:
Preparation of silicone rubber materials: Select appropriate silicone rubber materials and design and prepare formulas according to product requirements.
Mold preparation: Produce molds with the desired shape, usually using metal molds or thermoplastic molds.
Material pretreatment: Heat the silicone rubber material to an appropriate temperature to form the desired shape in the mold.
Mold assembly: Place the preheated silicone rubber material into the mold and ensure that it is evenly distributed and adheres to the surface of the mold.
High temperature vulcanization: Place the assembled mold into a high-temperature furnace for vulcanization treatment, and silicone rubber undergoes chemical reactions at high temperatures to form a stable elastomer.
Cooling and demolding: After the vulcanization is completed, remove the mold from the furnace for cooling and remove the vulcanized silicone rubber from the mold.

2、 Application field:
High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber molding technology has been widely used in many fields, including:
Automotive industry: used for manufacturing automotive components such as seals, vibration isolators, and wire sleeves to improve heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties.
Electronics industry: used in the manufacturing of electronic seals, insulation components, thermal conductive gaskets, etc., with good high-temperature and electrical resistance, which can protect electronic components from environmental impact.
Medical industry: Used in sealing parts, pipeline connections, hoses, etc. of medical devices, with biocompatibility, antibacterial properties, and corrosion resistance.
Aerospace industry: used for manufacturing aircraft seals, spacecraft rubber parts, etc., to maintain stable performance in extreme temperature and pressure environments.

High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber molding technology is an important manufacturing technology, which enables silicone rubber materials to have excellent performance by accurately controlling temperature and pressure. Its widespread application in fields such as automobiles, electronics, healthcare, and aerospace has driven the development and innovation of related industries.


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