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Do you know some precautions during the production process of silicone buttons?

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The biggest quality requirement for silicone buttons is not to break, and there is a certain probability of breakage in daily applications. There are many reasons for this, with silicone button defects occurring mostly in silicone rubber miscellaneous parts. Of course, silicone buttons also have breakage defects during production. In addition, silicone buttons are also known as silicone buttons, silicone buttons, organic silicone buttons, silicone rubber buttons, and Silikon buttons.

There are six main reasons for poor cracking:
1、 Excessive temperature during molding
When the temperature of the silicone button is too high during molding, it will become brittle, and after molding, it is easy to crack and defect. Simply lower the molding temperature appropriately.

2、 Silicone button incomplete vulcanization
When the temperature of the silicone button molding mold is too low or the vulcanization time is too short, it will cause the product to cling tightly to the mold and not be easy to demould, which is easy to cause cracking. It can be solved by appropriately increasing the mold temperature or extending the vulcanization time.

3、 The surface of the silicone button molding mold is too rough or accumulates dirt
Mold cavities with rough surfaces or accumulated dirt are not conducive to demolding, while molds that are not easily demolding are prone to cracking, requiring cleaning or electroplating treatment of the molds;

4、 Incorrect operation during demolding
When demolding, many mold masters do not receive professional training or work carelessly, and do not follow strict operation instructions to demould, which can lead to poor silicone button breakage. This requires professional operation skill training for operators or the development of strict operation systems.

5、 Poor release of silicone buttons during mold lifting
Causing the product to rupture during the mold lifting process, it is necessary to spray an appropriate amount of release agent on the surface of the silicone button mold in order to continue production;

6、 The silicone used for the buttons is too poor
Some factories blindly reduce costs by using inferior silicone raw materials for keys, resulting in poor quality silicone keys produced. The rubber material is too poor, the toughness is not good, and the memory is broken, which is very normal. To solve this problem, it is necessary to replace the silicone button with a better one.

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