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Silicone Resins in Cosmetics

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Organopolysiloxane resin is a new type of highly cross-linked organopolysiloxane, which is composed of Si-O-Si main chain and organic functional substituents connected to silicon atoms, and the cross-linked structure is cage-like. , dendritic, branched or ladder-like morphology. The organopolysiloxane resin may be a transparent liquid or a powdery solid.


Product Description:

This product is a highly cross-linked product after co-hydrolysis of tetraalkylsiloxane and trimethylsiloxane, and contains a small amount of alkoxy and hydroxyl groups. It can be blended with volatile silicone oil and dimethicone oil and used in cosmetics such as sunscreen, skin care products, color makeup and hair care. It has good rheological properties, hydrophobicity, film-forming properties, moisturizing properties, can form a lasting effect, and is washable.

Technical indicators:

Appearance: white powder

Bulk density (g/cm3): 0.56-0.61

Volatile matter (%, 150℃, 3H): ≤2

In general, the main application of silicone resin is nothing more than industrial coatings. Few people understand that silicone resin still has a place in cosmetics. Because of its special structure, silicone resin has the characteristics of good film formation, adhesion and hydrophobicity, and is widely used in various personal care products, especially in lipsticks, lip glazes, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara and other make-up formulations , has become the mainstream film-forming agent choice. The global market demand for high-quality silicone resin is increasing, with an average annual growth rate of 15-20%.

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