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Which is more resistant to high temperature, silicone or rubber?

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Silica gel is more resistant to high temperature, and the high temperature of silica gel is between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius.

High temperature resistant silica gel is generally divided into high temperature resistant solid silica gel and high temperature resistant liquid silica gel. Therefore, liquid silica gel needs to remain liquid, so the amount of heat resistant filler allowed to be added will be less than that of solid silica gel. Therefore, solid silica gel is generally more resistant to high temperature. easier to do. For solid silica gel ordinary silica gel (not temperature-resistant grade), its instantaneous temperature resistance can also reach 350oC, which means that ordinary silica gel can be taken out in a high-temperature oven for one second, and there will be no problem.

How to distinguish between silicone and rubber:


Even if there are two silicone rubber products of the same size and color, we can compare and analyze the silicone and rubber by weighing, because the density of the silicone material is much lower than that of the rubber material.

Low temperature resistance:

By placing silicone products and rubber products in a low temperature environment for three to five minutes, you can feel the softness and hardness between the two in a specific low temperature environment. The softer one is the silicone material, and the harder one is the rubber material. For example, silicone and fluororubber products that are also resistant to high temperature and oil are much harder than silicone in an environment of -40°C.

High temperature resistance:

By putting the silicone and rubber into a high-temperature oven at the same time for more than three hours of vulcanization and baking comparison: after the second high-temperature baking, the silicone can not only completely remove the odor, but also discharge the impurities inside the colloid to meet the food-grade silicone standard; At this time, the rubber not only has a reduced resilience, but also has a distinct pungent odor, and even breaks.

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