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Do you not know some precautions in the production process of silicone buttons?

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The biggest quality requirement of silicone buttons is not to break. There will be a certain probability of failure in daily applications. There are many reasons for this. The silicone buttons are mostly miscellaneous parts of silicone rubber. Of course, the silicone buttons are produced during production. There will also be cracks.

There are six reasons for the failure of rupture:

1. The temperature is too high during molding
Silicone buttons will become brittle when the temperature is too high during molding. After molding, it is easy to be demolded, and it is easy to break. It is only necessary to appropriately reduce the molding temperature.

2. Incomplete vulcanization of silicone buttons
When the molding temperature of the silicone button is too low or the curing time is too short, it will cause the product to stick to the mold and it is not easy to release the mold, so it is easy to cause cracks, which can be solved by appropriately increasing the mold temperature or prolonging the curing time.

3. The surface of the silicone key forming mold is too rough or accumulates dirt
The mold cavity with rough surface or accumulation of dirt is not conducive to demoulding, and the mold that is not easy to demold is easily broken, and the mold needs to be cleaned or electroplated;

Fourth, the operation method is wrong when demoulding
When demoulding, many mold masters have not undergone professional training or are not careful in their work. When demoulding is not carried out in accordance with the strict operation instructions, the silicone buttons will be damaged and broken. This requires professional training for operators or strict work. system.

5. The release degree of the silicone button is not good when the mold is lifted
Causes the product to break during the mold-lifting process. At this time, it is necessary to spray an appropriate amount of release agent on the surface of the silicone button mold before production can continue;

6. The button silica used is too poor
Some factories blindly reduce costs and use inferior key silicone raw materials, resulting in poor quality silicone keys, poor rubber, poor toughness, and broken memory, which is very normal. To solve this problem, you need to replace the better button silicone.

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