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Common problems encountered in the application of mold silicone

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In the application process of mold silicone, some common problems may be encountered. Here are some possible issues and solutions:
Mold silicone is not smooth: Sometimes mold silicone may become sticky or difficult to flow, which may be caused by aging or improper storage of silicone. The solution is to check the date of use of the silicone, ensure that fresh silicone is used, and store the silicone according to the manufacturer's recommended storage conditions.

Bubbles appear on mold silicone: During the curing process of mold silicone, bubbles sometimes appear. This may be due to the excessive introduction of air during stirring, or the presence of dust or dirt on the surface of the mold. The solution is to gently stir the silicone and ensure that the mold surface is clean and free of impurities.

The curing time of silicone molds is too long: silicone molds require a certain amount of time to completely dry and cure during the curing process. If the curing time is too long, it may be due to the low ambient temperature or excessive addition of curing agents. The solution is to cure at a suitable temperature and use the correct ratio of silicone and curing agent according to the recommendations of the silicone manufacturer.
Uneven silicone curing of molds: Sometimes, uneven silicone molds may appear during the curing process, which may be caused by uneven mixing or coating of silicone. The solution is to thoroughly stir before mixing the silicone and curing agent to ensure uniform mixing, and use a uniform thickness when applying silicone.

The adhesion of silicone molds is too strong: Sometimes silicone molds may be too sticky, making it difficult to easily remove the product from the mold. The solution is to apply a layer of mold release agent to the surface of the mold before coating it to reduce adhesion.

These are common problems and solutions in the application of mold silicone, which may vary depending on different materials and manufacturing methods. If encountering problems, it is best to refer to the recommendations of silicone and mold manufacturers, and take corresponding solutions based on the actual situation.

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