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Different types of silicone rubber

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Silicone rubber is a rubber material polymerized with siloxane, which has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, and electrical insulation properties. According to the formula and properties of silicone rubber, it can be divided into the following different types:

Food grade silicone rubber: also known as food grade silicone, is a silicone rubber material that meets food safety standards. It has the characteristics of being non-toxic, odorless, high-temperature resistant, and chemical resistant, and is commonly used in applications such as food processing, medical devices, baby products, etc. that come into contact with food or the human body.

Medical grade silicone rubber: Medical grade silicone rubber has excellent biocompatibility and high-temperature disinfection resistance. It is widely used in the medical field, such as medical devices, medical catheters, artificial organ, and other medical devices that directly contact the human body.

Industrial grade silicone rubber: Industrial grade silicone rubber is commonly used in industrial applications and has high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, and electrical insulation properties. It can be used in fields such as seals, vibration isolators, conduits, sealing rings, electronic components, etc.

Conductive silicone rubber: Conductive silicone rubber is a silicone rubber material with conductive fillers added, which can have conductive properties. It is commonly used in applications that require conductivity such as electrostatic protection, EMI shielding of electronic components, and electromagnetic wave shielding.

Foamed silicone rubber: Foamed silicone rubber is a material that forms a porous structure by adding a foaming agent to silicone rubber. Foamed silicone rubber has low density and excellent sound insulation properties, and is commonly used in fields such as automobiles, electronics, and architecture.

These are some common types of silicone rubber, each of which has different characteristics and application fields. According to specific needs and requirements, suitable types of silicone rubber can be selected.


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