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Understand silicone oils with different viscosities

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Silicone oil is a synthetic lubricant based on polysiloxane, with different viscosity grades to choose from. Silicone oils with different viscosities have different functions and uses in different applications. The following are some common examples of silicone oil viscosity grades and their effects:
Low viscosity silicone oil (such as 5cSt-50cSt): Low viscosity silicone oil is commonly used as a lubricant and surface treatment agent, with the following functions:

Lubrication: Low viscosity silicone oil can effectively reduce friction and wear of mechanical components, providing good lubrication effect.
Rust prevention and corrosion prevention: Silicone oil has good corrosion resistance and can form a protective film on the metal surface to prevent oxidation and corrosion.

Insulation: Silicone oil has good electrical insulation performance and can be used for insulation and protection of electronic devices.
Medium viscosity silicone oil (such as 100cSt-1000cSt): Medium viscosity silicone oil is commonly used for certain specific applications, such as:
Lubrication and buffering: Medium viscosity silicone oil can be used as a lubricant and buffer for mechanical components, providing better damping effect.

Thermal conductivity: Silicone oil has good thermal conductivity, and medium viscosity silicone oil can be used for radiators and thermal conductivity media.

High viscosity silicone oil (such as 1000cSt and above): High viscosity silicone oil is mainly used for special industrial and engineering applications and has the following characteristics:
High temperature lubrication: High viscosity silicone oil maintains lubrication performance in high-temperature environments and can be used for lubrication of high-temperature mechanical components.
Sealing and filling: Due to its high viscosity, high viscosity silicone oil can be used to fill voids in sealing and insulation materials.

It should be noted that although silicone oil can be used for human contact applications (such as medical lubricants) in certain specific situations, it is generally not recommended to be directly used for human skin contact or internal ingestion. When using silicone oil, please follow the product instructions and safety operation guidelines.

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